So since the SCOTUS decision, I have been quietly looking and waiting. Waiting for the signs of the end of the world that so many of my religious friends predicted. Instead, here is what I’ve found:

a) I found many more of my friends being concerned about the recent terrorist attacks;

b) I found the news went on reporting everything else going on in the world/city and none of them looked afraid for their lives;

c) I didn’t see any churches crumble and/or be threatened in any way;

d) I didn’t see any of my straight friends with lives ruined by the ruling;

e) I didn’t see the hell fire and brimstone rained upon us by God as was predicted; and

f) I didn’t see all those religious conservatives keeping their word by setting themselves on fire as they threatened.

The funny thing is

a) My children woke as usual and wanted breakfast and to go to the park

b) We had to get out and go grocery shopping as we normally do on the weekend;

c) We watched a movie on TV as a family as we always do; and

d) Life just seemed to hum along as it traditionally has.

So I look back and I ask…when 75% of the country already had marriage equality laws in place without experiencing religious upheaval or a further destruction of “traditional marriage”…what exactly were folks fearing would happen?