You know, one of the good things about getting older is that you learn what you’re made of. Through life some of your journies will be treatrous and how you respond in those moments are learned lessons you should hold dear.

So it is with me now. I am in the storm of my life and I have come to realize a few new things about myself.

The first thing is that I am as cool as a cucumber during stressful times. The truth is that my silence is more likely because if I allow you to probe I might crack.

My weakness during stressful times is not food, drink or drugs. My weakness is TV. Mindless TV. Hours and hours of it. I am forever grateful for Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and movie channels. They have been my saving grace these past few days.

The worst thing I learned is that though I think I am shielding my kids from what’s going on, they know. It hurts my heart but I have been forcing myself to share with them what is happening. It is not good for them to be in the dark. They are a part of the family too and so I force myself and I struggle through finding the words to help them understand. It’s painful. More for me than for them But I try.  

They are stronger than I imagined.