So it’s Father’s Day and I wanted to do something special for Papa and so decided he’d be most surprised if he saw it here.

Papa, I wanted you to know that I see how hard you work each and every day to provide an excellent home for our boys.

I appreciate all your efforts to create home cooked meals daily. I see your efforts to provide all the comforts and stability of home and I recognize all that you do that one day they will be very grateful for.

Even though I don’t always say it, I see how engaged you are with their education and with their extra-curricular activities and I must say it does feel nice to share the load.

I wanna tell you I recognize how patient you are with them, even when I sense you want to run from the room screaming.

Your efforts to not only be Papa but to be a friend and confidant to them makes for funny moments between you three that will become the memories for which we are all most proud.

I see you in them. I see all the dreams you work to build in them and I see all the hope you have for them as you constantly work to expose them to things, to give them a global view of the world and as you teach them to trust their own opinions and thoughts.

So on this very special Papa’s Day, I wanna tell you, in case you were wondering, that as far as Papas go…You Rock!

Happy Papa’s Day