For the July 4th holiday, we decided to take a road trip to Nashville, TN. Why is this important…well because it was our first family road trip…ever. Naturally, I was nervous about how the boys would do as the ride was 8 hrs long. At any rate, I loaded the car with everything we needed and we hit the road with millions of other families.

While driving, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce the boys to the best road music of all time. Thus, I, via Spotify, started them on the classics like James Taylor and Jimmy Buffet. They were unresponsive. Not their taste exactly. But they humored me by allowing me to sing every word to every song and never once did they tell me to shut up…what good boys they are.

While in Nashville (which I hated BTW) we went to the Patsy Cline Museum. Now don’t get me started on my Country Music Divas! I love them, their heartbreak songs and the feeling I get of their yearning for something different or better when hearing their voices. Needless to say, I was excited to be able to go and figured the boys would just have to endure.

Boy was I wrong! They listened to some Patsy Cline music while there and loved it. Apparently, the song Walkin After Midnight was a favorite of theirs. Who knew…given all the crap they like that Pasty Cline would be a hit.

Well, of course I am one to take advantage and so on the ride home, I played my Country Diva Spotify play list and we sang and talked about Patsy for the first half of the trip home.

Two days later, I come walking down the stairs of my home, walk into the family room and what am I greeted with…my boys sitting on the sofa singing their now favorite Patsy Cline song. Patsy Cline…unassisted, unprompted, and totally unexpected.

Who knows…maybe they hear the longing and wishing in her voice just like I do.

Go Patsy! Good music never gets old.

Oh, in case you’re wondering…the road trip went just fine.