Ok, let me start with some truth…

I love that my boys are bi-racial. I think deep inside I always knew my children would be. And as they are growing up, I’ve grown to appreciate all the nuances associated with their being bi-racial. However, the one thorn in my side has been their hair.

Let me discuss their journey:

First, I just opted to cut it off. Every other week the three of us went to the barber to get our hair cut together. We were sharp. We looked clean cut; 3 peas in a pod. But over time I began to dislike the look on them. It made them look older than what they were and it prohibited the full appreciation of their thick but curly hair.

Then I let it grow to mini-Afros. Long enough to see the curls and texture but not so long as it became unmanageable. That approach worked well for one son…he rocked it! But for the other…the look never worked!

One day I was watching a movie with the boys and in the movie was a bi-racial little boy who was probably around 12 years old. His hair was so long and so curly and so perfect. Immediately I convinced my boys they should never cut their hair again…let it grow out and it will look like his I encouraged…and so that’s what we did. Nobody told me that without touching it it got long, it got dusty, it got matted, it got knotted and it looked nasty.

So recently I found the cure…a hard brush. Each morning I spray some water on it, add some leave in conditioner and us some Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Cream…then I take the brush and I brush it back…and viola! The curls stay all day and as the hair drys it doesn’t look dried out and brittle. Their hair is soft to the touch and the curls stay formed all day long.

I mean so what the boys are 8 and 9 years old. So what they have school photos with their hair matted and looking crazy. So what they went for years with Daddy being totally lost for how to take care of it…we have the solution now and it is working and they now look great!